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August 18, 2007


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Too cute! Thanks for the tutorial, I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to wear cute skirts like that.


Oh this is so cool! I saw an eyelet skirt in the Garnet hill catalog. It has a tulle underskirt sticking out the bottom. I bought the stuff to make it today at the fabric store and I just figured that I would "wing it" and try to figure out how to make it. Well, now i can just use your tutorial!

Thank you so much for putting this together! It's perfect!


How fun! The skirts look great. Thanks for taking the time to make a tut!


Thanks for the tutorial, Hope!


I just updated my blog, and I mentioned this tut on my post. I'm going to highlight helpful posts that I find on my blog. Thanks for taking the time to help the rest of us!

kara spencer

gorgeous outfits, wow you are sooo talented


great tutorial!


Hi there, Im new to your blog and would like to say thankyou so much for the tutorial, Im off to make a skirt for my daughter right now.


looks like i'm going to have to re-try this because i ended up with a very tight fit on dd--think i messed up the upper & lower skirt width(didn't cut on fold).


Thanks so much! I'm off to try this right now!


I love the skirts (and the eyelashes)! Do you have a tutorial on the peasant top too? I've been looking forever for a decent peasant pattern, one to use for shirts and dresses too.

Dress Games

What an adorable dress on a kid.


This is today's Daily How-To Twitter. Thanks


i love the skirts and the top. now i'm looking for dress tutorial for my girl, do you have a tutorial on the peasant top too? tQ


FINALLY! A tutorial for a twirly skirt that gets the desired look I want for my girls! Such a quick and easy skirt to make. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I already made one today for my 3 year old. She wouldn't take it back off so I think it's a keeper! I can't wait to make one for my 7 year old. You, my dear, are my hero! THANK YOU!


The cows are adorable! The skirt is really cute and the cows make me smile.

Anna Graham

Love the skirt! Do you have a tutorial on the peasant shirt yet?


I love the skirts but I'm confused. Is the lower skirt twice as wide as the waist piece? I may just have to experiment because I'm not patient enough to wait for an answer, it's too cute! I'll let you know how I fare. ;)

Tiffiny Felix

I have three girls: 13, 7, and 2, and I think they'd all wear this skirt :) Happy day! I may have matchy-matchy girls again this Easter! :)

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Hi. Do you make these to sell? I would love to have one of the cow skirts.


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How cute is that. The skirt with the cow is amazing.

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